Army Airfield Roth

The first considerations and plans for the construction of an air base in Roth-Kiliansdorf were probably made as early as 1934/35. In the spring of 1936, it was then decided to drain the wooded and swampy area, to clear it and to level the airfield. The work progressed well and the first aircraft, a Junkers JU-52, was able to land in Roth-Kiliansdorf as early as 1938.

Airbase Neuburg/Donau

Like that of many military airfields, the history of the airfield in Neuburg - Zell dates back to the mid-1930s. After hosting various units of the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich, the airfield was completely destroyed at the end of World War II, so that no buildings from that period can be seen today. At the end of the 1950s, the American authorities handed over the airfield to the German administration. Already in 1961 the fighter squadron 74 was put into service, which is still based in Neuburg - Zell today.

Airbase Manching/Ingolstadt

History:       In 1936, construction work at Manching Air Base began with the construction of the taxiways, and from the spring of 1937 onwards, work began on the erection of various high-rise buildings. During the construction work, large parts of the Manching Celtic Redoubt (Oppidum of Manching) were destroyed; only emergency excavations on a small scale were carried out. In April 1938, the completed airfield was handed over to the troops and was officially named "Fliegerhorst Ingolstadt".


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